Brand Story

The origin of beauty
nywow o

To create the perfection of every inch of skin,
we insist on giving you the best products.
We have conducted more than 2000 tests, and after five years of research and development,
we have achieved and created the top orchid series skincare products

Brand Spirit

nywow o knows skin needs well and takes creating perfect skin as its mission. Provide a prelude to luxury care, carefully mix the most suitable products for the skin, and strive to make every woman shine beautiful.

Be a confident woman because you are more beautiful than you think.

n『nuwa Goddess of Creation』

y『yes Confident』

wow『Make a Miracle』

o『circle : everything returns to the root and original intention』

Star Products

nywow o uses the latest technology to combine essence and oil, which can bring a delicate feeling to the skin and perfectly present the bottom texture of the skin. The new generation of light oil maintenance products can release the precious Phalaenopsis Sogo Yukidian V3 essence and bring a fresh feeling to the skin.

In addition to the hot-selling product Orchid Repair Activating Oil, the team has continuously invested the latest scientific research techniques to develop Orchid Youth Complex Milk Complex; with the perfect collision of orchid active extract essence to form "Snow", "Orchid", "Milk"; with polishing and brightening to solve the problem of unstable skin condition from time to time.

It is more nourishing than a serum and moisturizing than an emulsion. It can repair skin accurately and comprehensively and improve moisture elasticity and fineness of the skin.

When the launch of nywow o products, they were impressed and loved by celebrities and the beauty and fashion industry, and once again led to the pioneer of orchid essence's top skincare product, which consumers proved.