Orchid Essence Series

Create the perfect skin experience for you

Orchid Repair Activating Oil

Repair, moisturize and strengthen skin repair

Orchid Youth Compact Milk Complex

Hydrating & Luminous, Firming Repairing, Elastic & Delicate your skin

Orchid Invigorating Moisturizing Toner

Firming & revitalising, long-lasting soothing & hydrating your skin

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Dee Hsu (Xu Xidi)

"Be a confident woman because you are more beautiful than you think."

Combining with professional brands born for skin

nywow o launches the mechanism of replenishing
water with vitality based on the concept of
‘Nuwa, the goddess of all things in nature’.
We are committed to providing safe,
pure and natural ingredients to protect your skin,
and offering the most perfect care for your skin.


Absolute Perfection
& Deep Hydration

nywow o cultivates the unique
and top-quality ‘Queen of the Flower’
Grade-3A ‘Phalaenopsis Sogo Yukidian’
which uses exclusive technology to extract the
essence from the ‘Phalaenopsis Sogo Yukidian V3’
A top-tier skincare product that provides
deep hydration with just one drop.

nywow o

1+1>2 The Best CP Products

Repair Activating Oil + Youth Compact Milk Complex | Use both together for better results


7ml Bundle

Repair Activating Oil(7ml) +
Youth Compact Milk Complex(7ml)



15ml Bundle

Repair Activating Oil(15ml) +
Youth Compact Milk Complex(15ml)


Let the skin deeply repair and moisturize, moisturize and brighten with a goddess light

Customer Reviews

Love the taste and result

I have sensitive skin and had not dared to try other brands until Elle recommended Nywow O. I decided to purchase the smallest size and try it out. After trying it, I fell in love with its taste and effectiveness. I apply it before bed, and the next day my skin is glowing, and I no longer experience redness or itching.

Evon Wong

Pores smaller and blackheads lesser

I have sensitive skin, so using products that are not suitable for me can cause redness. When I received this product, I opened it and smelled it. The refreshing scent was very relaxing, and it did not leave a greasy feeling when I applied it to my face. The next day, I noticed that my pores had become smaller, and my blackheads had decreased. I'm really happy with the results and will definitely repurchase the largest size.

Jaime Pang



Morton Lee

Not oily and good absorbance

I never thought I would buy such an expensive skincare product, but Nywow O is worth the price! Although my skin is fair, my face was slightly dull. After using Nywow O Orchid Repair Activating Oil, my face became brighter, and my skin started glowing. Not only did my pores become smaller, but my laugh lines also faded. It seems like I need to purchase the largest size and take good care of my skin to welcome the new year.

PegThing Tan

My skin is Doink Doink now!

The group admin announced on Telegram that they would be selling Nywow O products and launching in Onni Mart soon. Although I tried to control myself from looking at Nywow O, I believed in their feedback and ended up buying it. I was totally amazed at the effectiveness of the product. It smells so good and soothing, and I could feel my skin becoming firmer. I am looking forward to bigger discounts in the future.

Cindy Yan

My acne disappeared!

My skin is prone to breakouts due to work stress, and in the past, I would have definitely gone to a beauty salon and purchased a package. But now, I believe in Elle and consistently use Nywow O Orchid Repair Activating Oil daily. My husband was also amazed by the effectiveness of this product and even noticed that my skin has become brighter recently. A good product speaks for itself, and I am very happy with the changes that this product has brought to me.

Jelissa June


这是一个心甘情愿的入坑,油性皮肤强推, 起初一听到油心就怕怕,因为我是油性过敏皮肤。后来看见Elle和小S解释,本着试试的心态买了15ml来试用一下。结果!哎哟!有被惊艳到哦!一用就爱上了。
首先,味道很舒服,很疗愈,一股淡淡的兰花香味留在脸上。很多人觉得脸油还用油,脸一定又会冒痘。但是, 这真的不会!! 当你一搽在脸上几秒它的吸收完了, 一点都不粘腻,然后按压在脸上,很舒服。用完后皮肤很滑很嫩。 隔天早上,你还会感觉脸上嫩嫩的,还很透亮太完美了。这次一定要回购不可错过, 大家美美过新年!!

Siew Lee


用了过后,只有一句话不停出现在我脑海里~做么要接近40岁才认识这个极品?!不然我应该可以冻龄18岁!滑,嫩,亮。极速吸收,连同之前涂的保养护肤品都一起带入肌肤内层!很神的一个产品!本身的皮肤算是敏感肌。一直以来都会一塔塔比较红痒的状况。用了Nywow O兰花油一个星期,很见效很明显地改善,不再有泛红痒的状况。用了两个星期(早晚),毛孔有变细。期待连续用3个月后的成效,可以很骄傲地素颜过年。你,兰花油了吗?最物有所值的一个护肤品,一定要试。200%回购,这次要敲锣最大瓶的!

Judy Lim


我是一位混油性肌肤,本该怕油。但是,我勇敢尝试了。为什么呢?因为我选择相信Elle选择相信Nywow o,就直接入了大瓶的,就默默的关注Nywow O的官网,老实说简介真的很少,但是简介再多没人尝试也是个寂寞,我网线不好只买到了预购,在预购还没有到达时,我就跟nywow o的客服了解然后买了雪兰乳回来等着兰花油的到来!第一天我用上兰花油时,我是很惊讶的,因为一点也不黏腻和难涂抹,很快吸收真的意外惊喜;第二天再继续使用,我真的感受到什么叫做亮和嫩,真的皮肤有喝饱水的感觉;第三天我搭配雪兰乳使用,我只能说这简直就是CP组合!YYDS!我想表达的是如果你不勇敢尝试再多的好评也是没有用的,一旦用上你一定会爱上的!

Pat Pat

Orchid Repair Activating Oil is a multi-functional product

The first time I used this product, the results were excellent! I also noticed that my skin was not as oily as before, and it was much more moisturized and brighter after consistent use. Most importantly, I look younger now. Nywow O is suitable for any skin type. If used before makeup, it helps to keep the makeup looking dewy and long-lasting. If used before bed, it helps to boost the absorption of other skincare products. I can say that this is the only product that I will definitely repurchase since I need it every day now. I am also looking forward to the upcoming discounts for Nywow O.

Lingzie Lee

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